7 Day PRO Juice Programme


Packed with 100% fresh fruit and vegetables our juices are designed to provide all the nutrients your body needs every day in just one bottle.






Tues – Sat Deliveries (excludes Sun & Mon)


My Juice Programme can fit around you, take a bottle to the gym, or as you’re out on a stroll. The 7-day cleanse is a great all over body boost as each bottle contains 400ml of alkaline juice, meaning there is little to no fruit used in each.

Our programmes are delivered frozen and should be placed in the freezer as soon after delivery as possible. The night before you wish to start your cleanse take the next day’s juices out of the freezer and put them in the fridge. They will defrost overnight, ready for the next day. Just shake to mix the ingredients.

You will also receive a full menu with instructions on how you can make the most out of your juice cleanse. This will include the expiry dates of your juices, as well as a full calorie breakdown.


Your PRO juice programme will consist of the following 28 x 400ml Bottles

5 x HULK – Cucumber (57%), Celery (20%), Courgette (17%), Broccoli (5%), Kale (1%), 47.6 Calories each
Feel like the Incredible Hulk with this gorgeous green juice. Packed full of vitamins and a great earthy tone.

4 x ZINGER – Carrot (63%), Celery (15%), Courgette (11%), Lemon (8%), Ginger (3%) 82.8 Calories each
Full of zingy flavours and just a hint of fruit, this Pro juice will put a smile on your face.

5 x RED THUNDER – Carrot (50%), Courgette (17%), Beetroot (12%), Celery (10%), Spinach (7%), Ginger (3%), Cinnamon (1%), 92.8 Calories each
If you’re feeling low, the Pro Red Thunder will soon have you pushing again for your fitness goals.

4 x GREEN BEAST – Cucumber (60%), Celery (16%), Courgette (14%), Spinach (5%), Broccoli (5%) 46 Calories each
Greener than green, don’t forget to give it a good shake to mix up the goodness.

4 x GREEN THUNDER – Cucumber (60%), Celery (20%), Spinach (7%), Pepper (6%), Ginger (4%), Broccoli (3%), 49.6 Calories each
Like the Red Thunder, the green sister is going to keep you feeling energised. Earthy and fresh.

6 x CBT – Carrot (51%), Courgette (23%), Tomato (16%), Pepper (4%), Beetroot (4%), Ginger (2%), 86.4 Calories each
Just like your favourite sandwich, but without the unnecessary carbs, enjoy the CBT juice on the go.



We can make substitutions to your programme. Give us a call on 0330 221 282 or let us know within the ‘Order notes’ field within the checkout. (Please note this may add an additional 2 days production period.)


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